Nobody wants to prepare for an event that they hope doesn’t happen, but the truth is that knowing your dental options should an emergency occur is the best way to educate yourself. At Bonham Dental Arts, we are dedicated to making you and your family feel comfortable and at home despite the circumstances. If your emergency happens during business hours, you will be seen immediately, or we will work you into our schedule for the day. If your dental emergency occurs after our office is closed, call our main phone line and follow the menu options to be connected to our emergency service. One of our team members will promptly return your call and arrange to see you. You can rest assured that your dental needs have our utmost attention when they need it.

Root Canals

The purpose of a root canal is to eliminate pain or infection and help save your teeth in a situation where they would otherwise require extraction. At Bonham Dental Arts, we take out the nerve of the tooth and seal it with a rubberized material. This procedure might get a bad reputation, but can be done without pain or discomfort. With same-day availability, your dental emergencies can get you up and going again in no time.


In some situations, teeth need to be removed to immediately eliminate any pain or discomfort. At Bonham Dental Arts, we can complete most extractions at our office right away and we also offer a variety of replacement options, from bridges to implants to partial dentures.


Abscesses are dental infections that typically go along with extractions and root canals, and should be taken very seriously, no matter the severity. They can be ongoing infections or show up suddenly, and always require medical attention. With proper care and treatment they can be managed by our Bonham Dental professionals.


When it comes down to it, oral cancer can be a very dangerous and painful experience for any of our patients. It is our job to regularly check for signs of oral cancer to ensure that our patients are healthy. We screen for cancer with every visit in our office. If further analysis is needed we can perform an easy brush biopsy without the need for anesthetic. Traditional and laser biopsies are available as needed.

This office follows all OSHA and HIPPA guidelines.