So You’ve Been Thinking About Veneers?


It is amazing what bonding a tiny, thin piece of porcelain to your teeth can do. That tiny piece of porcelain, known as a veneer, can instantly change the appearance of your teeth. It can make them appear whiter and brighter, mask imperfections in the spacing and position of your natural teeth, and even make your teeth appear bigger, more square, or longer.

Given all the amazing things veneers can do, it is no surprise that so many people want to get them. If you are one of the many people considering veneers it is important that you do your research before getting them as they might not be the best option for you.  

To help you decide if veneers are right for you, we have gathered all the important things you should know and put them into one place.

Veneers are a Semi-Permanent Option

It is important to realize that veneers are a semi-permanent option. We say semi-permanent because once they are put on they can be removed, but the process is complex and you will need to undergo additional dental procedures, such as the placement of a crown, bridge, another veneer, or implant, to replace the tooth that has been shaved down in order to get a veneer.

Due to the fact veneers are semi-permanent, it is important that you be 100% certain it is the dental procedure you wish to undergo. If you get veneers placed and don’t like the results, it will be extremely costly to fix your smile.

The Porcelain Used Won’t be White-White in Color

Cosmetic dentists rarely use bright white porcelain for veneers. They will use an off-white color or one that has a yellowish tint. This color of porcelain is used because it gives you a more natural looking smile. If bright white colored porcelain was used, you would have a very fake looking smile.

Not Every Tooth Needs a Veneer

When you get veneers you don’t have to have them placed on every single tooth in your mouth. You can just have them placed on certain teeth that you want to improve their appearance.

Choosing to only place veneers on certain teeth will not only save you money, but it allows you to preserve your natural teeth.

Pain and Sensitivity After Veneers is Common

Getting your veneers is a relatively painless procedure. However, after the procedure there is a good chance you will experience sensitivity to hot and cold as well as have extremely sore gums. Pain and sensitivity can last anywhere from several hours to several weeks or even forever.

For most people, the gums will start to heal but there may always be some slight sensitivity to hot and cold.

Consider Using a Temporary Version of Veneers

It is difficult to envision what you will really look like with semi-permanent veneers. Luckily, most dentists have the ability to create temporary veneers that you can wear for several weeks. These temporary veneers allow you to get a feel for what your new smile will look like. If you like it, you can continue with veneers. If you don’t, your dentist can either make adjustments or discuss other treatment options with you.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist to Discuss Getting Veneers

While veneers are a great option for many people, they might not be the best option for you. Before getting veneers it is important that you schedule a consultation with your dentist to discuss this dental treatment.

During the consultation, your dentist can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of veneers with you so you know what to expect. In addition to discussing the advantages and disadvantages, your dentist will discuss what type of results you expect to see from veneers. Discussing what results you want to see will help your dentist understand if veneers are the right option for you or if you will see better results with another dental procedure.

Want to improve your smile? Call Bonham Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation to discuss the various dental treatment options, such as veneers, professional teeth whitening, and snap-on smile, that may be able to help you get that the smile you have always wanted.