Toothache Questions Answered


If you have ever had a toothache, you know how frustrating and painful the experience can be. Toothaches can come on suddenly or worsen over time if treatment is not immediately sought. Good oral hygiene habits, coupled with regular visits to your dentist, can usually prevent toothaches from developing. However, there is always a risk […]

A Brighter Smile This New Year (Teeth Whitening)

teeth whitening

This New Year, make a resolution to indulge in self-care. Drink more water, make sleep a priority, and practice better dental care. Food, drink, tobacco use, certain medications, disease, and poor dental hygiene can all lead to unsightly stains and discoloration of the teeth. Fortunately, you can start the year off fresh with a whiter, […]

5 Common Dental Issues and How We Treat Them

dental issues

Nobody is born with a perfect smile, but we can certainly help you make it become a reality! Throughout our education and decades of dental practice, we’ve seen thousands of patients with the same dental issues. Although each case we see has its own unique details, there are a few common reasons patients visit Bonham […]

Fun Facts About Teeth

dental teeth facts

Healthy teeth play an important role in our lives. They help us chew, digest food, and speak clearly. They also help us maintain our face shape and give us the confidence to lead successful social and professional lives. There are many things about your teeth that you probably don’t know. Here’s a look at some […]

Common Dental Issues

dental issues

Approximately 65 percent of adults and 86 percent of children had a dental visit within the last year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most visits to the dentist are routine and involve standard examinations and cleanings. However, dental issues may be discovered during an exam that requires prompt treatment. Here’s […]

Common Nitrous Sedation

nitrous sedation

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a colorless gas typically used in dental settings for sedation and pain relief. The gas is given to the patient through a small nosepiece and is designed to create a feeling of calmness and relaxation. While under nitrous sedation, patients remain awake and alert. Patients are still […]

Missing Teeth: Dentures and Partial Dentures


More than 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, and 36 million do not have any teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists. Having missing teeth can change a person’s appearance and impact their confidence. It can also negatively affect the alignment of their smile, making it more difficult […]

All About Flossing!


Flossing is an important step in an oral hygiene routine. This daily activity can help dislodge food stuck between your teeth, reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth, and ward off tooth decay and gum disease. While the importance of flossing has been expressed time and time again, many people continue to skip this […]

A Complete Oral Hygiene Routine

Oral Hygiene

Everyone’s oral hygiene routine is a little different. You may use a different type of toothpaste than someone else or you may floss before you brush. While certain aspects may vary, everyone should follow a similar regimen to protect their oral health and guard against gum disease and tooth decay. Here is a look at […]

The Effects of Sugar on Your Teeth

sugar and teeth

Cookies, cakes, and other sweets make for a tasty occasional treat. However, too much sugar in your diet can have an adverse effect on your smile. There is a direct connection between sugar consumption and tooth decay. The mouth contains tiny microbes that turn sugar into acids which break down tooth enamel, often resulting in […]