Why It’s Important to Have a Good Relationship with Your Dentist

Patient dentist relationship

Many people underestimate the importance of having a good relationship with their dentist. A good dentist-patient relationship is based on understanding, trust, and strong communication. These qualities help to ensure that patients receive individualized care that improves their dental health and wellness. Here are just a few important reasons to establish a good relationship with your dentist.

Your Dentist Knows Your Health History

When you visit the same dentist for many months or years, they get to learn your health history. From high blood pressure to pregnancies, many different medical conditions can impact your oral health. Your dentist will also know what genetic conditions you may be at risk for developing. They will ask for a health history report that includes information about your family. Knowing your history also allows your dentist to better determine how certain oral diseases may progress for you based on your oral health habits.

You Will Likely Be More Open

It can be hard to open up to someone that you don’t know well. However, communicating with your dentist is crucial to ensure that you receive the best dental care possible. By developing an open and honest relationship, together you can take a preventive approach to your oral health. For example, expressing to your dentist that you have been experiencing tooth sensitivity for several weeks will trigger a more in-depth dental exam to find the source of the discomfort.

You’ll Be Encouraged to Maintain Your Oral Health

Patients must play a direct role in maintaining their own oral health. However, responsibilities like work, school, and home life can get in the way. You may forget to brush or may eat too many sweets that damage your teeth. Establishing a relationship with a dentist provides patients with a source of accountability. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis for exams and cleanings makes your oral health a team effort. You must both do your part to maintain your smile. In other words, you are more likely to care for your teeth if you know you will be seeing your dentist soon.

Your Dental Anxiety Will Be Reduced

Dental anxiety is a term used to describe any type of anxiety, fear, or stress that a patient may experience in a dental setting. People who suffer from dental anxiety may avoid going to the dentist. Doing so can delay treatment and contribute to tooth decay and other oral health problems. Creating a good relationship with your dentist builds trust which can help reduce these anxious feelings. When you trust your dentist and are able to be open about the way you are feeling, you’ll become more equipped to manage your anxiety.

Tips for Developing a Relationship with Your Dentist

  • Arrive early for your appointment. It can be tough to build a trusting relationship with your dentist when you show up late and are in a rush. Arriving 10 to 15 minutes early can help ensure that the dentist appointment goes smoothly.
  • Discuss your concerns and fears. If you are experiencing pain, have had a bad experience in the past with a dentist, or have general dental fear or anxiety, discuss your concerns with your dentist before the appointment begins.
  • Ask questions and request clarity. Dentists use a wide range of terminology when explaining dental procedures to patients. If you have questions about a particular procedure or just need some clarity about the process, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Consider advances in dentistry. Dentistry has gone a long way in the last few decades. If you are feeling anxious about your upcoming dental appointment, remember that modern dentists use a variety of new tools and techniques that will make your procedure comfortable and virtually painless.
  • Update your dentist about changes. If you experience new changes to your health such as a new medical condition or a change in diet, notify your dentist. These changes can have an impact on your future oral health.

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