Fall in Love With Your White Teeth

Are you thinking about teeth whitening because you want to love your smile when you look in the mirror? Bonham Dental Arts is here to help Largo, Florida patients to get the beautiful white smile they want and deserve. There are two main options in professional teeth whitening: the in office whitening system and the take home whitening trays.

Why Are Your Teeth Dark or Discolored?

There can be many different reasons for teeth darkening or discoloration. Often, it’s tied to foods and beverages. People who drink a lot of coffee, sodas, red wine, and tea are more prone to teeth darkening. Cigarette smokers or smokeless tobacco users often develop yellowish teeth over the years due to nicotine exposure. It’s also possible for your teeth to grow darker over the years, simply because of the aging process. As you lose enamel, your teeth may darken.

Fortunately, most cases of teeth darkening or discoloration can be reversed. There are a few specific cases where teeth can’t be whitened, but these are rare. One of our Bonham Dental Arts dentists will be happy to perform an evaluation to determine whether you’re a good fit for cosmetic teeth whitening.

The Take Home Whitening Trays

Bonham Dental Arts offers the Opalescence teeth whitening system for patients who want a take home teeth whitening system.

Opalescence PF: The Opalescence PF system comes in several different flavors and strengths, so it can be customized for your preferences and needs. You’ll receive a set of customized trays that fit your teeth exactly. The customized trays allow for the whitening gel to always remain in contact with your teeth, thereby giving you the optimal results. Over the counter teeth whitening systems are “one size fits all” and don’t offer as much precision.

The whitening product is added to the trays and then worn each day for a set amount of time. In some patients, particularly those who have seriously discolored teeth, the Opalescence PF trays may be worn overnight. You’ll usually have obvious improvement after around two weeks, but you may need to wear the trays for longer to get optimal results.

Opalescence Go: The Opalescence Go system is a teeth whitening system designed for busy people who need a simple and easy whitening solution. The trays are pre-filled and are worn for an hour or less each day. Most patients get results within only around 5-10 days. Although the Opalescence Go trays aren’t customized for fit, they still offer much better results than over the counter tray systems because the whitening gel is more powerful.

The Opalescence Go system is usually best for patients with mild to moderate teeth stains or discoloration. For the more serious stains, either Opalescence PF or in office Zoom whitening may be the better option.

In Office Teeth Whitening: Zoom Whitening System

If you’re looking for fast and dramatic results from your teeth whitening system, Zoom in office whitening may be right for you. The whole process takes only around an hour, and you won’t have any discomfort or pain. Your lips and gum tissue is covered before the whitening gel is applied to each tooth. The Zoom light activates the whitening gel to work quickly and effectively to lift stains and discoloration out of your teeth. You’ll wear protective eyewear to ensure that the Zoom light doesn’t cause any harm to your eyes.

The best thing about Zoom whitening is that you can come into Bonham Dental Arts with dark or discolored teeth, and then leave an hour or so later with sparkling white teeth. Although the cost is higher than that of the take home system, the instant results are worth it for many patients. Zoom is suited for most types of stains or discoloration, even the more serious ones.

Which Type of Teeth Whitening is Right For You?

Bonham Dental Arts provides both Opalescence and Zoom teeth whitening, and one of them is likely to be the right choice for your teeth whitening. We always customize all dental treatments to ensure that you get the best possible results. In addition to cosmetic dentistry, Bonham Dental Arts also offers family dentistry and sedation dentistry. We’re here to help you achieve the white smile you want, so contact us anytime to arrange a consultation!