Botox And Your Smile

Botox smiles

Botox is a popular choice for dental patients who wish to improve their smile. At Bonham Dental Arts, Botox treatments are available for a variety of practical and cosmetic reasons. If you’ve been looking for a way to look and feel better about your smile, Botox might be the solution.

What is Botox?

Botox is the brand name of a substance that has been used for decades to treat wrinkles and creases. It’s been proven safe and effective by the regulating agencies. In addition, Botox is often the secret behind the youthful appearance of many celebrities. Even your friends may be already using Botox and you don’t even know it. Now, Botox can be your little secret, too!

How Does Botox Work?

The way Botox works is very simple. It prevents certain muscles from being able to contract by blocking the signal between the nerve and the muscle. This results in a relaxing of wrinkles and creases, which makes them virtually disappear.

How is the Botox Treatment Performed?

At Bonham Dental Arts, Botox treatments are offered by Dr. Amy Bonham. The treatment involves one or more injections of the Botox substance. The treatment is relatively painless, and most patients don’t need any anesthesia. There is only an instance of very temporary, slight discomfort. Once you have the Botox treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately. Many patients find that they can pop in on their lunch hour and return to work afterward.

How Botox Helps Your Smile

Botox is a very effective way to improve your smile. As a person ages, fine lines and creases develop as a result of smiling often. While smiles and laughter are a major joy in life, over time, wrinkles and creases around the mouth, nose, and eyes can become permanent. This leads to an aged look that isn’t always flattering. Botox injections in these areas help to relax the underlying muscles and minimize or rid your face of these visible signs of aging. After Botox, you’ll still be able to smile and laugh as usual, but your skin will look smoother and more youthful while doing so.

Smile Correction With Botox

Sometimes a person is not happy with their smile because of the way their lip moves or how the gums are exposed. Commonly called a “gummy smile,” there’s nothing wrong with this condition, but if a person is dissatisfied with their smile, Botox can help. Expert injections of Botox can help to alter the way the upper lip moves when you smile. If you have a gummy smile or a crooked smile, this treatment offers a subtle yet effective solution.

Pain Solutions With Botox

Many people find it challenging to smile because they are in chronic pain. Chronic pain that is ongoing on a daily basis can dampen anyone’s spirit. TMJ is the most common cause of pain for dental patients. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint pain, is caused when the joints in the jaw do not move properly. This can lead to sometimes excruciating pain when smiling, laughing, speaking and even chewing. It’s a serious condition that hinders the quality of life.

Botox is often used to treat TMJ because the injections release the tension in the jaw and offer nearly immediate relief from pain. This, in turn, improves the smile because, after Botox, smiling is pain-free! Botox is also commonly used as a remedy for tension headaches, which can also cause a person to want to smile less.

Botox at Bonham Dental Arts

Dental health and wellness isn’t just about dental cleanings and having cavities filled, although those are important aspects of dental health! If you’re interested in learning more about how Botox can improve your smile, speak to the experts at Bonham Dental Arts. You could have a more youthful appearance coupled with a pleasing smile after just one visit. Contact us today to learn more!