Why You Need a Dental Cleaning Twice a Year

Perhaps you do a great job at caring for your teeth. You always brush your teeth at least twice daily, you floss, brush your tongue, and you even use a good antibacterial mouthwash. Maybe you even eat a very healthy diet, avoiding foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Since you take such […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bridges

If extensive tooth decay, injury, or some other problem has left you with a gap in your mouth where teeth should be, you may want to consider looking into getting a dental bridge. Dental bridges are an amazing treatment option for anyone who has missing teeth, but they aren’t for everyone. Learning all you can […]

Why Is Fluoride In Our Water?

Fluoride is often added to water supplies, but many people don’t know why the addition is necessary. In fact, the addition of the mineral has received some scrutiny. So, why is fluoride in our water? Fluoride helps keep your teeth free of decay. Fluoride is actually found in most water sources naturally. That’s right. Fluoride […]

How Botox Helps with TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, or TMJ, is a common problem that occurs when your temporomandibular joint because inflamed. It can be caused by arthritis, trauma to your jaw, grinding your teeth, and other causes. For many people TMJ results in uncomfortable symptoms, such as jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, difficulty chewing, shoulder and neck pain, and […]

Choosing the Best Toothbrush

When it comes to proper dental hygiene, one of the most important tools is your toothbrush. Nevertheless, it is important to select the right one for your needs. Here are a few factors to consider as you choose the best toothbrush for your teeth: The Firmness and Arrangement of the Bristles The firmness of various […]

How Beneficial Is Dental Insurance?

You’ve got to have dental insurance, right? Otherwise you’ll be left footing the bill for expensive dental work that could have been covered by insurance. Well, sort of. Dental insurance doesn’t work in exactly the same way as health, auto or homeowners insurance. Those policies protect you against catastrophic injuries and losses. Sure, you’ll probably […]

Your Body’s Reaction to Oral Hygiene

You might expect that your teeth and gums will respond positively to brushing, flossing and regular checkups, but did you know that your oral hygiene habits could affect parts of your body far from your mouth? Several different body systems will react to how well – or how poorly – you care for your teeth. […]

Benefits of Invisalign

Misaligned or crooked teeth aren’t just an aesthetic problem. They can also make it tough to keep teeth clean, increasing your risk for periodontal disease, which could result in gum damage, bone damage, and toot loss. In the past, orthodontists relied on braces for proper tooth alignment, but braces come with many drawbacks, including the […]

All About Implants

Tooth loss continues to be a common problem among Americans, often due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and injury. Previously, dentures and bridges were the only treatment options for missing teeth. However, dental implants offer a versatile, aesthetically pleasing way to replace missing teeth, restoring function and providing an improved appearance to your smile. What […]

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Entire Body

The goal of taking good care of your teeth and seeing a dentist regularly goes beyond just the health of your mouth. As research digs deeper and medical knowledge expands, it has been proven that there is direct correlation between a person’s oral health and the overall health of their entire body. Our bodies are […]